Nowadays, the most-talked topic of the Television town is Kapil Sharma and his bit towards the rescuing his show from shut down. Making joke on one’s most controversial act is Kapil Sharma’s next surprise for his audience and it is all scripted down from his abusing act he did against his fellow comedians especially Sunil Grover while travelling through the plane.

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However, nobody has forgotten what has happened during the last couple of months, that flight, Drunk Kapil Sharma and miffed Sunil Grover who has boycott the show. The fight broke out between the two because Kapil allegedly got angry with his team for eating before him. After their ugly fight, Sunil Grover has quit The Kapil Sharma Show and has no plans to return back. Now the team has planned to show you the glimpse of that nasty fight while taking sly dig.

This Saturday, the episode saw the comedians fighting with each other inside a mock plane and an air hostess, played by Kiku Sharda asked a passenger (Kapil Sharma) to do something with the fight and an ace comedian leaving his guests Suresh Raina and Shikhar Dhawan rolling on the ground said, “Main flight mein nahi bolta aajkal. (I don’t speak on flights these days).”

Watch the teaser video of the episode here

Aakhir kya hai kaaran aeroplane mein Chappu ki chuppi ka? Jaaniye aaj raat 9 baje, #TheKapilSharmaShow Kapil sharma Sumona Chakravarti

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