Preview: The Conjuring

Preview: The Conjuring


A surprisinglyPreview: The Conjuring chilling, lonesome and gruesome film , The Conjuring is a stellar film  directed by James Wan, the director that is well known in the circuits as a class filmmaker who has made some strikingly horror movies like Saw and Insidious.

The movie is any day better than most of its contemporaries that have released in the past years. Watching it will not be a disappointment for anyone that loves classy cinema that is dedicated to horror and mayhem. It is a sincere request not to label this film with other so called horror films like The Evil Dead and Friday the Thirteenth. Yes, The Conjuring is not your typical run of the mill horror fest that promises only blood and gore. The film is set in older times when people used to live miles apart from each other.

The plot would seem quite engaging to the audiences. The story deals with a horrifying case of haunting which takes place in a farmhouse. How the investigators solve the case and what happens to them while solving it lays the crux of the movie. The film, though, is different and hasn’t taken inspiration from somewhere else, seems to follow a similar path that was adopted by the Spielberg directed movie The Poltergeist. Here, the viewers get to see an investigator duo that arrives to help a family get rid of the dark force that aims to destroy it. Unknowingly, they come across something so sinister that changes their lives forever. The story may be predictable but the treatment is different and will evoke fear in anyone who watches it. The entire atmosphere looks eerie and haunted. Most of you would like to hold on to your seats since there are enough chances when you could just bounce off and fall to the floor! Yes, it has many sudden events that may make you bounce.

Starring Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga and Lili Taylor who have acted well, the film surely adds an extra punch. The script and the screenplay are engaging and keep you glued. There are some moments when you would feel dull., but, soon the feeling gives way and you become more attentive , especially when the climax arrives. The ending should keep you wanting for more since it is at this moment that the ghosts’ identity is revealed and so are the many secrets.

The Conjuring is a good watch and is decent enough to scare you. It brings back the memories of the times gone by when we were kids and were afraid of dark places and shadows. It is no Exorcist but will leave a lasting impression forever. Many of the scenes would make you scream like the one where a person is attacked suddenly by a ghost. It is bound to send shiver down your spine, believe me! Talking about scenes, there is yet another that would remain sketched in your minds forever. It is the one where Vera is playing hide and seek (not literally!) with the ghost and tries to capture it in her mirror. The scene is spooky and has lot of fear to it.

The Conjuring should also be watched because of its camera angles and shrill noises that bring out chill in viewers. There are a number of instances where you will be left dumbstruck with the angling and photography. For a horror movie buff, there cannot be any movie better than The Conjuring. Watch it and get shocked…lol….in a positive manner of course!