Ranveer Singh discloses what really turns him OFF and it is NOT body-odour!

Ranveer Singh feels his smile is his best facial feature. In an interview to IANS, Ranveer revealed that females often tell him, his nose is too big or his eyes are small, but his pleasant smile does the trick and makes up for all this. The Bajirao Mastani star chuckles that his smile works for him at all times and we couldn’t agree more! We too love your smile Ranveer.

Ranveer Singh looks like an angry young man (Pic Courtesy: indiatimes.com)

Ranveer Singh in an intense look (Pic Courtesy: indiatimes.com)

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Ranveer divulged in the interview that he is not judgmental about people. He was quoted as saying, “I don’t discriminate… Even body odour, I’m fine with, you know, I feel like that’s a person’s natural smell, so be it.”

But there is one thing that Ranveer CANNOT stand. Click next to unravel!