Review: Sandcastle (2013)

Review: Sandcastle (2013)

Review: Sandcastle (2013)

Sandcastle is not just any random movie. It talks about the struggle to find your own identity, it’s about freedom, and it’s also about independence, which isn’t easy. It leaves you on a positive note that we all are unique in our own way. The movie has some loopholes, but the spirit of the movie and the closely captured emotions are worth a watch.

The entire movie is played in chapters and showcases some real life scenarios. Relationships, Independence, Expectations and the rest.. all captured beautifully. The movie is about genuine issues and is close to real life, not a spicy mix of old classics.

Shahana Chatterjee and Malvika Jethwani have performed well whereas the guy playing Sheila’s friend is very fake and breaks the flow of the movie. There are certain other characters in the movie not worth a mention except Sheila’s husband Vikram (Rajat Sharma).

Sheila is an aspiring writer, wife to a rich husband, and an ideal daughter and mother. From an outsider’s perspective, her life is perfect. Like it’s said, what is perfect to one, could be abject misery to another. In the process to launch her first book, she faces the hard reality of life (focused on women of urban India). Everything starts slipping from her hands. Would she be able to speak for herself ? Would she be able to build her own dreams?

She found the answers to all those questions in becoming a perfect and independent woman; there she meets Maya, her own perfect image. She learns to be free from Maya and starts to enjoy life from a new prospective. Later, when her family gets to meet the new Sheila (through Maya), they accept her but refuse to replace her with old Sheila. Will she go back to her old persona or will she adopt maya’s personality? Will she learn to be happy with her old self or change everything to become a perfectionist?  Watch it to know more.

The initiative to expose the common topic is very uncommon. Fiction is easier but to research, understand and portray the reality is an achievement already. Direction is good whereas the screenplay is average. Script and the concept of the movie are the winners. A little more efforts collectively would have taken the movie to another level. Movie’s dialogues and situations are placed intelligently.

The starcast could have been better. Maya as gypsy could have been more attractive and the character of Sheila’s friend could have been played by a better artist. Also, though the climax was a clever choice of action, it wasn’t executed with perfection. In some parts you are totally confused about what’s happening. 

If you can ignore some parts of the movie with flaws and would like to enjoy a genuinely intellectual movie, witness the struggle of women of Urban India in Sandcastle.

Overall Rating: 3/5 (Three Stars)

Directer: Shomshuklla
Producer: Tina Sen
Technical Director: Abraham Cherian
Director of Photography: Ritam Banerjee
Story: Shomshuklla
Screenplay: Shomshuklla
Music: Ankur Mukherjee
Shahana Chatterjee
Malvika Jethwani
Rajat Sharma
Uditvanu Das
Iti Pawar
Sagnik Mukherjee
Aindrila Mitra
Himangi Mahabaleshwarkar

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