PHOTOS: Salman Khan’s lavish vanity van is luxury redefined

Life is hectic in the glamorous world of Bollywood. The stars spend most of their time away from home on shooting locations. They juggle travel, work, shoots, meetings, fitness work-outs and so much more in a day. What comes to their rescue amidst such busy schedule is their vanity van—a home away from home!

Sneak-Peak inside lavish vanity van of Salman Khan (Pic Courtesy:

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Salman bhai is known for his Dabangg style, his vanity on wheels being no exception. Equipped with luxuries and indulgences, this mobile studio boasts of shiny wooden interiors, a pristine sparkling bathroom, bright lights, LCD screen, top-knotch music system and all latest gadgets and technological items of need. 


The exterior of Salman Khan's lavish vanity on wheels (Pic Courtesy: movies

The exterior of Salman Khan’s lavish vanity on wheels (Pic Courtesy:


Here’s a sneak-peak into Sallu’s lavish and classy vanity!