Evicted contestant Akansha Sharma has opened up a LOT more ever since she got evicted from the Bigg Boss house. The 25 year old girl from Gurgaon claims to have been tortured and mentally bulled by her ex mother in law Shabnam who is Yuvraj and Zorawar Singh’s mother. Not only that, she also gave away a few disgusting, shocking details on the entire family.

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Akansha Sharma and Yuvraj’s family (picture courtesy: India Forums)
Akansha Sharma and Yuvraj’s family (picture courtesy: India Forums)

On being asked about her honeymoon and how Shabnam Singh tried to justify the matter by saying she tried to protect her, Akansha said that there is a way to protect people and it was certainly not happening. Their honeymoon was fixed in Dubai where IPL was on and Shabam wouldn’t miss out it at any cost. So what she’s been saying about protecting Akansha is not true. The girl was also kept in an apartment with all of them and was made to do daily chores like COOKING and CLEANING!

That is certainly not a honeymoon. Instead it looks like she was treated unfairly, like a stewardess!

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