BIGG BOSS 10: Akansha Sharma just revealed this DISGUSTING detail about Yuvraj Singh’s family!

Current Bigg Boss 10 contestant Akansha Sharma is doing rounds over social media these days due to her allegations against Yuvraj Singh’s family. The Gurgaon based girl who was married to Zorawar Singh for a mere period of four months recently revealed some ghastly, disgusting details about the cricketers family that will leave you stunned.

Akansha Sharma (picture courtesy: colors)

Akansha Sharma (picture courtesy: colors)

While speaking to Gaurav Chopra inside the Bigg Boss house, Akansha revealed that she could never communicate or speak normally to her husband. Apparently there was no compatibility between the two which added to her problems a lot more. Whats worse is that she said there was NO privacy during their honeymoon and that the entire family had tagged along. Akansha was also FORCED to get pregnant when she wanted to give it some time.

Shabham Singh (Yuvraj’s mother) has not reacted to THIS allegation yet but we do hope she gives us some reaction at least. Apparently she has gone around asking people to sign petitions against Akansha. How much of this is true can only be told with time. Till then, keep watching Bigg Boss!

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