BIGG BOSS 10: Are Lokesh and Rohan Mehra developing feelings for each other?

The cutest girl inside the Bigg Boss house, Lokesh Kumari is surely turning out to be one of the favourite contestants both inside as well as outside the show. Her adorable nature, funny expressions and hilarious take towards life is something you cannot ignore. Yes! She is an entertaining girl bur we feel the 25 year old is doing a lot more than what we can see. Her fondness and friendship towards TV’s cutest boy Rohan Mehra has advanced quite a bit. Both of them are great pals and defend each other during times of trouble. Scroll down to find out what Lokesh said about him.

Lokesh Kumari and Rohan Mehra (picture courtesy: ibtimes)

Lokesh Kumari and Rohan Mehra (picture courtesy: ibtimes)

Whenever Lokesh is around Rohan, she always has a smile on her face. She doesn’t like people who talk about the actor and always stands up for him. A source also suggested that if Rohan goes to jail for misbehaving with commoner Nitibha Kaul, Lokesh will be the advocate and convince Swami ji to pull him out.

Swami Ji after some time will definitely listen to Lokesh, given the sort of person he is. Therefore, even if we aren’t sure what exactly is happening inside the house, we can assure you that Lokesh definitely has started to develop a crush on Rohan.

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