BIGG BOSS 10: Did Bani J give away her real boyfriends name on national television?

One of the fittest and most desirable contestants inside the house, Banj J is doing pretty well in an otherwise boring show called Bigg Boss10 With her outspoken attitude and way of life, she has challenged the commoners and the celebrities and has certainly shown that she will do whatever she likes regardless of whether you like it or not. On her recent chit chat with Gaurav Chopra who has in fact become a close friend of hers, Bani reveals the name of her boyfriend. Scroll down to find out more.

Bani J (picture courtesy: abpnews)

Bani J (picture courtesy: abpnews)

Gaurav Chopra started this game where they mentioned the initials of the people they were seeing. Gaurav stated that he was seeing a girl whose name starts with H and surname with C. Bani on the other hand said that the surname of her boyfriend starts with a T. The two keep throwing random names at one another till the episode becomes more entertaining to watch. The surprising part is Bani J actually revealed to us that she has a boyfriend and it wont be hard for us to find out who that person is.

Bani has so far lasted four weeks inside the house and despite being nominated, she has maintained her standing and is being loved by the passes. In fact her legion of fans believe nothing can stop Bani from winning Bigg Boss.

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