First time within the historical past of Bigg Boss ever, Salman has taken a choice to evict a contestant. Yes ! Its none other than Priyanka Jagga, she has been thrown out of the show by Salman after they obtained in an argument. Salman has also warned Colors to never work with Priyanka Jagga ever again or else he would end his association with channel.

In the latest promo of the Bigg Boss 10 weekend ka vaar, we see Salman Khan losing his cool at Priyanka Jagga after she talks back to him. Priyanka says to him that she is going to proceed the abusive behaviour inside the home regardless of the warnings. An upset Salman asks her to leave the show. (Also Read : BIGG BOSS 10 : Priyanka Jagga makes a shocking revelation after Salman Khan KICKS her out of the house!)

Even Salman then spoke the words that would forever change the relation between Priyanka, Colors, and Salman Khan. He says “If Priyanka Jagga ever comes back on Bigg Boss, or on even on the channel for that matter, I will never work with Colors.”

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