Bigg Boss 10 has officially begun since Monday and as per us, the fun has just started to kick in. This time the reality TV show has introduced a unique mix of commoners and celebrities who seem like they are ready to shoot those TRP levels high.

Last year as we all know, Rimi Sen was the highest paid celebrity (2 crores) who did nothing but walk around the house and finish her own chores. This year are stars who are making plenty of money. Scroll down to learn more.

Rahul Dev and Bani J (picture courtesy: Miss Malini)
Rahul Dev and Bani J (picture courtesy: Miss Malini)

MTV VJ Bani and actor Rahul Dev are making the most inside the Bigg Boss house. These people have been offered the show several times before but they refused to do it whatsoever. This time the makers literally went running behind them with a great offer they just couldn’t resist. A source tells us

Bani and Rahul are being paid the highest amount of money this year. They have been approached by the makers since last few seasons considering the two of them are known to have a personality which will boost the TRPs, but every time they refused the offer. So when the producers went knocking at their doors yet again with a huge sum of money this year, the offer was too tempting for both of them to let go.

No wonder Rahul and Bani is being so laid back and chilled inside the house. In fact, when Bani almost got into a tiff with commoner Priyanka Jagga, she let the matter go easily because she simply doesn’t care.

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