Bigg Boss 10 commoner Om Swami is definitely getting on everyone’s nerves these days. From commenting on Lopamudra’s character to shaming Monalisa for being bold, Om Swami has definitely degraded all women inside the Bigg Boss house. Despite Salman Khan warning him to several times, this person still had the nerve, the audacity to letch at actress and bombshell Sunny Leone.

Sunny Leone and Baba Om Swami (picture courtesy: india)
Sunny Leone and Baba Om Swami (picture courtesy: india)

Last night was indeed a fun episode as Sunny made the contestants do some really funny, entertaining tasks. Lopamudra, Gaurav Chopra, Bani Judge; all of them were a part of this special task and according to Sunny; they were commendable. Everything was going great inside the house until Baba Om tried to touch Sunny inappropriately. Sunny had sort of pushed him away at first but he kept trying hard. When Bani tried to confront, he made it sound like it’s no biggie. But that certainly once again proved that Baba Om does not deserve a spot inside the Bigg Boss house.

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