BIGG BOSS 10: Manu and Monalisa get intimate in bed like never before!

Looks like the Bigg Boss house is finally becoming an entertaining, fun show. After creating much drama, chaos and confusion, Manu and Mona Lisa are back to creating a love angle inside the house. With each day, their chemistry has grown and we have to say, they are certainly starting to like one another. In fact, Mona Lisa almost had herself on the bed with Manu. Check some of the photos we captured below.

Monalisa and Manu (picture courtesy: colors)

Monalisa and Manu (picture courtesy: colors)

Monalisa has been trying from day one to create a stir. From taking a dip into the pool in a bikini to dancing sexily first thing in the morning, Mona sure knows how to get those votes to keep herself safe inside the house. No wonder Manu had his eyes locked on her.

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