Tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 10 is going to be super dramatic. As per the new luxury budget task ‘Battery’ the Bigg Boss housemates got a chance to meet their loved ones. Manu and Om Swami were made batteries for the task. Mona, who got the opportunity to meet one of their family members. And it was none other than her boyfriend Vikrant Singh Rajpoot who came to surprise her.

Mona gets happy and shocked to see him. She runs and hugs him. Vikrant also looks happy to see Mona and also tells her that everything is fine from his side.

Vikrant then confronts Manu Punjabi who said to Mona that Vikrant suspects their friendship and he is not a good man. He says that he is an actor and knows their relationship. He also cleared the air that he never suspected Mona and the personal remarks on him as ‘bad man’ are not acceptable. Though before leaving everything was sorted, but Vikrant gave a piece of advice to Mona that she can never find real friends in this house as both Manveer and Manu have said bad things about her in her absence.

Will this issue get sorted or it will get complicated?