This time on Bigg Boss Om Swami has crossed all the limits. After making demeaning remarks on her fellow contestants, this time Om Swami has done something utterly disgusting.  Om Swami has now bow to the lowest of levels by peeing on Bani J during the captaincy task. Om Swami collected his piss in a bowl and threw on Bani. We also know that he is currently in the house jail and the makers are currently taking a call on this whole disgusting incident.

We EXCLUSIVELY reveal, Just like Salman Khan evicted Priyanka Jagga from the house a few weeks back because of her unruly behaviour and attitude on the show, Bigg Boss has finally taken a strict call and thrown Swami Om out as well, which is the only fair decision the makers could take after giving repeated warnings. We have to admit that good sense has finally prevailed. Well done, Bigg Boss!