In the latest task introduced by Bigg Boss Manu, Manveer, and Lopa are tied to a bungee cord and are asked to put their hands on a red circle placed at a distance in the garden area. Bani J and Rohan Mehra have to displace Team Manu from the red mark. Bani and Rohan start irritating Team Manu. They try to distract them by putting ice cold water, oil, spices, curd, sawdust and ice cubes on them. The game turns brutal when Rohan continues pouring ice despite seeing their ill condition. Manu decides to seek revenge from Rohan and Bani after what they did to Manveer.

Manu Punjabi is all set to retaliate: After the game is over for the day. Manu can’t bring himself to believe the amount of brutality that Rohan and Bani put them through. He knows that in the next stage of the task Rohan and Bani will be at the receiving end. And he says that he will show the two of them, how the task is done.

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