Priyanka Jagga is back in the show, she is best at picking fights and making personal comments on the contestants. Lopamudra Raut is the new captian of the bigg boss house. After becoming captain the first she was asked to choose 5 contestants who deserved the ‘dand’ according to her. Lopa choose Swami Om, Priyanka Jagga, Bani Judge, Gaurav Chopra and Nitibha Kaul for ‘dand’.

It was Priyanka who nominated Lopa for the captaincy task along with Manu. Priyanka and Lopa were seen fighting at various occasions. Now she is in a avengeful mood after Lopa decided to punish her for playing a spoilsport in the ring task by splashing water on her face. And at one point known for her ill behavior, Priyanka commented on Lopa’s looks.

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