Bigg Boss 10: This contestant has been admitted to the hospital!


Looks like the Bigg Boss 10 house is not a safe place for the contestants anymore. Over the years we have seen terrible fights, drama and chaos take place in the house but nothing has become so serious that a participant is made to rush to the hospital. A latest source suggests to us that a task inside the house got so difficult that one of the commoners faced a major injury and was immediately taken to the ICU. Would you like to know who he is? Scroll down to find out.

Naveen Prakash (picture courtesy: facebook)

Naveen Prakash (picture courtesy: facebook)

The contestant is none other Naveen Prakash. The professor who tried to create ripples inside the house by becoming loud and creating trouble for others was trying his level best to do well in a task although it didn’t work in his favour at all. Naveen has now been taken to the hospital due to a massive shoulder injury and we hope he gets well soon, although he has been nominated and there is a chance he will not be returning.

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