BIGG BOSS 10: You will be SHOCKED knowing how much the commoners are getting PAID this season!

India’s hottest and most controversial reality TV show Bigg Boss is not just a money making scheme for the show makers but also the contestants. With season 10 being hosted once again by Salman Khan, Bigg Boss this time has doubled up the drama, the thrill and the fun inside the house by bringing the unique mixture of commoners and celebrities. Like we had told you before, Bani J and Rahul Dev are making the most inside the house. But questions have also been raised as to how much the commoners are getting paid.

Bigg Boss commoners (picture courtesy: theindianexpress)

Bigg Boss commoners (picture courtesy: theindianexpress)

A latest source has revealed that the poor aam admi are not being paid a single penny for staying inside the Bigg Boss house. The report also told Bollywoodlife some exclusive details you can read below.

 “The celebrities were given a signing amount, plus they are also being paid a fixed weekly remuneration. But the commoners are not being paid anything. Their pay scale will depend on the weeks they spend inside the house. But obviously, if a commoner manages to win the show, he/she will get the winning amount”

It is actually quite surprise to notice that people like Priyanka Jagga and Om Swami are not being paid for creating a storm inside the house. These two have actually given the show immense TRPs and not paying them could be a tad bit unfair. What do you think?

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