BIGG BOSS 10: You’re not going to believe why Manveer Gurjar wanted to take revenge from Bani!

After winning Bigg Boss 10 against tough competitors like Lopamudra Raut and Bani J, Manveer Gurjar attended an interview where he shockingly spoke about wanting to take revenge from Bani. During the early days of the show, Manveer admitted that he was hardly popular and Bani was the most loved one among the lot. He also said Bani’s presence made him insecure.

Manveer and Bani Judge (picture courtesy: india)

 “I knew Bani had a very big fan following. Earlier, I was scared of Bani’s fan following. But then as people started coming inside the house, they started appreciating meand my confidence started growing. And when I saw the kind of people that had assembled at the mall when we were taken there, I was moved by the love that people were giving me. That’s when I understood that the audience is loving me.”

Now that clearly shows how valuable winning was for Manveer. He really thought good of himself after winning against Bani.

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