Kapil Sharma may have this family member back to The Kapil Sharma Show (Pic Courtesy: peoplemagazine.com)

If Sunil Grover was the heart and soul of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, there was one more person who added all the needed spark to the prime time comedy show, that has been going through an all-time low right now. Here’s who that person is and if his return will bring about ‘achche din’ to Sony’s TRPs.

Ali Asgar was always a delight on ‘The Comedy Nights With Kapil’ (Pic Courtesy: colorstv)

Ali Asgar as Daadi and Naani would pep up the humour — be it Comedy Nights With Kapil or The Kapil Sharma Show — bang in the middle when we would be just beginning to get bored of Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma’s self-depreciating jokes. Everything from his pun to his kisses, his cross-dressing replete with white hair, specs and bright red lips, Ali was quite a value addition to Kapil’s team. But the mid-air brawl around four months ago, spoiled it all for the show and its then skyrocketing TRPs.

Ali Asgar with Akshay Kumar and Kapil Sharma (Pic Courtesy: colorstv)

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Following the spat, not just Sunil Grover, everyone in Kapil’s team began to walk out of the show. Chandan Prabhakar, Ali Asgar and even Preeti Simoes (the creative director) had parted ways from the standup comedian. But now, here’s something that can bring about a streak of happiness and a bout of high TRPs to ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. In an interview to TOI, Ali Asgar was quoted as saying that he has not made any condition or a rule of sorts to never work with Kapil Sharma again. Ali further explained that his relationship with Kapil was such that they were both in a ship of whose captain was Kapil. If that ship did not swim through, it does not mean that the two of them will never sail together.

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As per reports, Ali Asgar has been hinting at a comeback to the Kapil Sharma show and this may bring about a positive change in the show’s content and TRPs.