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Everyone are in shock since the news of Kapil Sharma’s ugly fight with Sunil Grover broke out. According to the reports of  Spotboye, a drunk Kapil Sharma beat up Sunil Grover in a flight when they were returning from Australia. They were on board flight AI309, and passengers were shocked to see the two fighting. Initially, Grover kept quiet but then even he retaliated and the two got hitting each other in aisle section. When Bollywood Life called up Sunil to ask about his reaction on the entire matter, he said “No comments”. He was even asked if he plans to quit Kapil Sharma’s show, but his reply didn’t change. He again said, “No comments please”

Meanwhile this entire ugly spat between two mega comedians everyone is finding Kapil’s  reaction as the Sunil Grover didn’t react so  reacting to the reports, Kapil told Bollywoodlife, ““Mujhe yaad nahi (I don’t remember). Actually hamari har flight main ladai hoti hai (We fight on every flight)…har jagah ladai hoti hai (We fight everywhere)…It is a healthy fight…We fight for work…We fight for good work.” Apparently, a DNA report claimed that Grover has decided to quit the show, after he had the recent fight with Kapil.

“Sunil is not coming back on The Kapil Sharma Show. He had already recorded the episodes for this weekend (March 18-19) . But he is not returning to the show. Abb bahot ho gaya. Agar Kapil ka yehi rawaiya raha toh aur log bhi nikal jayenge (enough is enough,if Kapil continues in this manner others will also quit),” DNA quoted a source as saying.

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