Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 11 is just a few weeks away from it’s airing and the speculations have already begun. From Nia Sharma to TV cutie Niti Taylor, all are expected to be a part of the show. Latest reports also suggest that Shilpa Shinde aka Angoori Bhabi has been approached for the show and even though she rejected being a part of Bigg Boss the last time, seems like she’s changed her mind and may actually consider giving this a shot. The price that she has set for her every day stay on the show is however, quite puzzling. It could put any showmaker throw a fit. Scroll down to see how much she’s expecting for one day’s stay.

Shilpa Shinde (picture courtesy: indiaforums)

According to a latest source, Shilpa Shinde expects quite a hefty sum before she signs for the show. 20 lakhs is supposedly her signing amount and 4 lakhs a day is what she wants inside the house locked up with cameras. Shilpa’s demands were quite upfront and vocal right from the start but we aren’t very sure whether the makers would be okay with such demands or not.

Shilpa Shinde (picture courtesy: starkhoji)

For those of you who don’t know, Shilpa made news back in 2016 when she told the media she had been harassed sexually by the producer of the show. She also said that the team was not very cooperative with her and that she wanted a fee hike which nobody paid attention to. Shilpa has also worked in other TV shows and did an item number called Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi as well.

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