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Ever since the comedian Sunil Grover has quit The Kapil Sharma Show he is entertaining through the various stage performances and the local events organised in several states. The earlier brawl between Kapil and Sunil has shifted audiences empathy in favour of Sunil Grover who later built his separate image as a standup comedian. But the latest dispute between him and an event organiser could mark a dent on his persona.

Quite a few days before, Sunil Grover was about to perform at an event organised in Ahmedabad which later cancelled and it irked the event organiser Rajpal Shah so much so that has lodged a complaint against Sunil Grover and his show organiser Devang Shah for criminal conspiracy and cheating. According to Rajpal, Devang, Sunil’s manager had made a promise to organise an event on 27th may but at the last moment they took their step back and breached the contract. Even though, Sunil has performed at a similar event in Ahmedabad at some other location as the second part has given him a higher price.

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In order to clarify the situation, Devang says, “We keep on getting 4-5 enquiries for one specific date regarding Sunil’s performances in India as well as abroad. In this case, we were not keen on doing the event on May 27 due to another concert happening on the same day. Rajpal Shah also enquired for the possibility of May 20, which couldn’t be worked out due to Sunil’s tight schedule. I returned him the advance amount of `10 lakh. So there’s no case of cheating and I have all the bank-statements which I can present for the same.”

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