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Since the real face of comedy star Kapil Sharma came out, everyone starts disliking him over his ego and attitude. Quite before few days what he did with Vidya Balan who came to promote her film ‘Begum Jaan’ along with the team was the next level of his Unprofessional behaviour when he delayed the shoot for 6 hrs(Kapil Sharma MISBEHAVED with VIDYA BALAN. Here’s what the ACTRESS did). However, Kapil’s misbehaviour with his colleague Sunil Grover has surely put a Dent on his fame as a number of people support Sunil Grover and lashed out at Kapil. While after their dispute Sunil for the sake of his self-respect quit the show Comedy Nights With Kapil and make Kapil realise that what he did is not acceptable.

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Sunil Grover perhaps the USP of this show as doctor Gulati who contribute hugely in terms of his act and the news of leaving his shows will gonna be the disaster for Kapil as people in social media made Kapil very clear that if he will leave the show they’re also not loving it anymore. Thus Kapil took to twitter and apologise for his manhandling he did in Flight, he wrote:

To which Grover make him realise and says”“Refrain from using foul language in front of women who had nothing to do with the stardom you carry, they are by chance just travelling with you. Thanks for making me realise it was your show and you have power to throw out anybody, anytime. You are the wittiest, and the best in your field. But don’t act like a ‘God’.” Click next to read his complete FB post and see how Kapil tries his every bit to take him back in his show!