Sunil Grover (picture courtesy: youtube)
Sunil Grover (picture courtesy: youtube)

Kapil Sharma and his tiff with Sunil Grover is nothing new to us. The two apparently had a rough argument during their flight from Australia to India and as far as we know, Kapil was drunk and laid his hands on Sunil as well. As a result of this, Sunil was so angry that he decided to do a show in Delhi with Kiku Sharda without his presence at all. There were other speculations that Sunil may not return to Comedy Nights with Kapil at all.

LATEST UPDATE: Sunil Grover came to the sets of The Kapil Sharma Show TODAY. Here’s what he did…

Although we are not very sure as to what Sunil Grover has finally decided, he definitely coming to Delhi on the first of April and this is how he invited everyone to watch his live show.

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Despite having a fight with one of his colleagues, it is indeed very cool on Sunil’s behalf to keep his fans entertained throughout. That is definitely the mark of a true entertainer. As to his spat with Kapil Sharma, we hope things improve in the future!