SHOCKING: Ileana D’Cruz once battled mental illness and severe depression

Who would have thought that the girl who made an impact as the ‘guilty wife’ in the recently released Rustom would one day confess about her battle with depression! In a country where mental health is not a matter to be discussed explicitly, firstly Deepika Padukone’s revelations and now Ileana D’Cruz’s struggle with depression has been an eye-opener for all of us.

Ileana D'Cruz spoke up about her mental illness (Pic Courtey:

Ileana D’Cruz spoke up about her mental illness (Pic Courtey:

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In an interview with MissMalini, Ileana speaks up about her life’s issues. She emphasizes that more than work it’s the personal and bodily issues that she is troubled dealing with. Ileana is clinically diagnosed with Body Dysmorphic Disorder, anxiety and depression, although mild and not-so-evident to other’s. She is trying to sail through it by getting help and finding her support system.

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