Hey you all Girls, Taapsee & Swara will tell you how much CLEAVAGE is a ‘GOOD CLEAVAGE’ in public!

Image Source: SpotboyE

‘CLEAVAGE’ the only word or thing used to scale women’s character in a society which is also the way people judge you through the length of your clothes. So, taking this important thing into their consideration Tapsee and Swara come up with a Tutorial telling you how to dress up in public- be it at the gym, in the office, for weddings or during walks- but in a SARCASTIC manner

The Video is a tight slap on the faces of those people who blamed entire women for wearing short dresses and indulge in wrong incidents. So are you ready to watch it? Here you go!

Kudos to both actresses who always starred in women-centric films and making worth it through their acting and videos!