Tubelight Behind The Scenes Video : Salman Khan’s chemistry with Matin will blow your mind !

Tubelight Behind The Scenes Video

Makers released Salman Khan’s film Tubelight Behind The Scenes Video that will surely leave you mesmerize…

Until now, the world was waiting to see Salman in Tubelight, but after seeing Matin Rey Tangu things have changed. Salman Khan thinks child actor Matin Rey Tangu is the best thing that has happened to Tubelight. Here’s another behind the scenes video of Salman Khan’s film Tubelight shared by the makers of the film today where we not only see the heart melting chemistry between Matin and Salman Khan but the kid’s intelligence and his amazing sense of humor will blow your minds too.

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Matin has had a tough journey throughout the shoot of Tubelight. Irritated with his warm sweater that he had to wear to shoot film scenes, he tells director Kabir Khan at one point “ab aapko bohot zyada der tak chalna hoga ye sweater pehen ke, tab aapko pata chalega.” We hear him saying, “Abey kitni baar bolun Cheeni nahi Hindustani hun.” We also see Salman share a cute moment with Matin and other kids from the film where Salman says referring to Matin “..hum log 25 saal se jaante hain ek-dusre ko..” and he very smartly reacts with “ bas aise hi mazaak karta hai..”.

Kabir and Salman talk about Matin in the video showering him with praises and Salman also calls him “ajooba” and  “He hasn’t seen a smarter Kid than martin in his whole journey.”

Watch Tubelight Behind The Scenes Video :

Tubelight, directed by Kabir Khan, also stars Sohail Khan, who plays the role of Salman’s brother in the film. The film would release on June 23.