The Great Khali is the last person you should be messing with. The ex Bigg Boss contestant and one of the best wrestlers of the world, the Great Khali can be your worst nightmare if you treat him wrong. On finding out about Brody Steele vandalising his wrestling academy in Jalandhar, Khali was angry and upset that he took the matter upon himself, walked into his hotel room in Chandigarh and bashed up the bad guy for good. Scroll down to see the full video.

The Great Khali (picture courtesy: indiatimes)
The Great Khali (picture courtesy: indiatimes)

Wrestling events in India are promoted by Khali. Male and female participants from the world get together here yearly for a Continental Wrestling Entertainment. Unfortunately this time the event on October 8th in Gurgaon got postponed which caused an outrage among the members who marched into his academy, destroyed his belongings and also attacked Khali’s students including Surender Rana. Naturally Khali was not going to keep quiet. So he came back with a steel rod and gave it back to Brody who was the mastermind behind this.


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