LEAKED: This is how Priyanka Jagga auditioned for Bigg Boss 10

Priyanka Jagga (Pic Courtesy: YouTube)

Priyanka Jagga (Pic Courtesy: YouTube)

Priyanka Jagga is one name entered the Bigg Boss house as a commoner, but she was the first one to grab the headlines for her controversial stints in Bigg Boss 10.

Recently, her ex-boyfriend revealed something about Priyanka Jagga, which left everyone shocked. While her Facebook profile has most of the pictures with her son and husband, Gautam Arora had something else to say.

The Delhi-based actor and DJ said that she is separated from her husband and even he left her after five months of their relationship, as she is money-minded.

While the controversies about Jagga doesn’t seem to get over, some videos of her Bigg Boss auditions are going viral.


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