VIDEO: This girl from Mumbai takes pole dancing to another level with her SEXY moves!

Meet Aarifa Bhinderwala: the 29 year old pole dancer who is creating ripples on social media with her non-stop sexy moves. The girl who comes from a conservative Muslim family to thrashing every stereotype with a performance you may have never seen before. She’s just another ordinary person like you and me but the way she’s dealing with life and her problems is really commendable.

Aarifa Bhinderwala (picture courtesy: beingindian)

Aarifa Bhinderwala (picture courtesy: beingindian)

While trying to recover from premenstrual depression, Aarifa took pole dancing as a way to bid farewell to the drama in her life. She ventured into pole dancing and looked at it as an art. With the first swing and first movie, Aarifa was completely captivated by it and after practising for a while, the 29 year old had mastered the art. Now she’s completely slaying it with moves that will make you heart stop!

Take a look at it below.