Bollywood celebrities who turned from fit to fat over the years (Pic Courtesy: Facebook/

Brushing aside the fat-to-fit success stories of Bollywood celebs who struggled hard and toiled and tormented themselves for a fab bod, here’s a quick glimpse of the opposite. All those Bollywood celebs who were once immensely popular but have now not only vanished from public memory, they are a far cry from their young, fit selves.

1. CHANDRACHUR SINGH walked into cinema as a debut actor with chocolatey looks. He was offbeat, did a variety of roles and is still remembered for ‘chappa chappa charkha chale’. We were flabbergasted upon seeing how he looks now.

Chandrachur Singh is nowhere close to his chocolate boy looks that he had around two decades ago (Pic Courtesy: YouTube)

2. If Chandrachur Singh’s present looks don’t shock you, TANUSHREE DUTTA’s current avatar definitely will. She was the ultra glam doll with curves to die for, albeit now, she has too many of those curves! Ah, and some chubby cheeks too.

Tanushree Dutta was ultra glam in her ‘Aashiq Banaya Apne’ days (Pic Courtesy: YouTube)

3. FARDEEN KHAN was the fresh hunk in Bollywood, and also the crush of a million women. A few films, ramp walks, and brand endorsements later — cut to one fine day when he was caught red handed buying drugs — his Bollywood career fell prey to the law of gravity, so much so that he never returned. At a recent prayer meet of a Bollywood celeb, Fardeen Khan was clicked in his current fat avatar.

Fardeen Khan was once a desirable hunk (Pic Courtesy: YouTube)

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Kirti Reddy is not her svelte self anymore (Pic Courtesy:

4. KIRTI REDDY, the bubby debutante in ‘Tera Jadoo Chal Gaya’ opposite Abhishek Bachchan got overnight fame post the film (though the movie crashed), courtesy her cute face. But who knew that face will one day vanish and be seen only when it has expanded to unimaginable proportions! Kirti got married a couple of years ago, after trying her hand in South films.

Himanshu Malik has had quite a fit to fat journey in celebdom (Pic Courtesy:

5. HIMANSHU MALIK was always known for his chiselled physique. But who knew this hunk would soon fall into the category of eligible villains courtesy the layers of fat on his face and body!

Gracy Singh is now a mother to a toddler and has come a long way from her petite frame (Pic Courtesy: Youtube)

6. GRACY SINGH was the talk of the town post the release of Lagaan. This telly actress further starred in many films, but later took a break from showbiz, tied the knot and became a mother, bidding goodbye to her erstwhile petite frame.

Mukul Dev has completely transformed his enviable bod to a not-so-flattering one (Pic Courtesy: instagram/facebook)

7. MUKUL DEV is hardly a great example of how people age gracefully in showbiz. One of his recent public appearances made us feel he needs to invest some quality time on his health and looks.

Mahima Chaudhary is hardly recognizable in her current avatar (Pic Courtesy: YouTube)

8. MAHIMA CHAUDHARY could have easily given many actresses a run for their money, but she chose to walk away from showbiz and vanished into a ‘Pardes’ wherein she gained weight and is close to unrecognizable today.

Sahila is a far cry from her young, bubbly personality (Pic Courtesy: indiatimes)

9. SAHILA was that chirpy girl always vying for Salman’s attention in ‘Hum Apke Hain Kaun’. Currently, she lives in a world away from cinema, and looks nowhere close to her screen face two decades ago.

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