The morning this August 15 has dawned with an inspirational video by Kangana Ranaut, shot especially for Independence Day. Through this video, Kangana has not only paid a tribute to the Indian Armed Forces, she’s also thrown an important question to the masses – Do you Vote?

Kangana Ranaut in the Independence Day video titled ‘ Love Your Country’ (Pic Courtesy: YouTube/TimesMusic)

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Just a few days ago, Kangana created awareness regarding PM Modi’s Swach Bharat campaign and now, the actress is up and about, reminding us all about what we forget almost all the 363 days of the year, and remember only on Independence and Republic Days. Kangana urges us to remember our armed forces, our National flag, our duties, responsibilities, et al.

Kangana Ranaut in the Independence Day Video (Pic Courtesy: YouTube/TimesMusic)

Through this video titled ‘Love your country’, the actress also throws light on multiple social issues such as dowry, female infanticide, rape and child marriage, amongst others. We’re celebrating 69 years of India’s Independence, and this video will fill you up with a lot of pride for the nation.

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