Is the West intoxicating Priyanka Chopra a bit too much? (Pic Courtesy: Instagram)

Seems like Daddy’s little girl has been downing many little shots while at work in the US of A. If our Desi Girl flew to the phoren shores and taught them how to bow their heads and fold their hands for the customary Indian ‘Namastey’, the phoreners sure did teach her one or two of their own thing. Here’s what it is. Or are we blaming it on them? Take a look and find out….

??? @ the premiere of #Pahuna – #priyankachopra #tiff

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Recently, when Priyanka attended the 69th Emmy Awards, she was asked to taste a drink that was pre-poured in a fancy container that looked like a silver ball – and check if it’s tequila or not.

“It’s really tequila” #priyankachopra

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This gave us quite a strong (almost a tequila like) sense of deja vu. For whenever Priyanka Chopra attends a red carpet, she’s been challenged for a Tequila shot. And she surely takes up the challenge like a pro and comes out of it like the ultimate Indian Diva. Here’s a quick run down on all her dates with the tiny little glass.

Kelly : go big or go home. Priyanka : I’m going home after this. ??????‍♀️ #priyankachopra #oscars #chrissyteigen #jenniferaniston

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At the Oscars 2017, Priyanka had a Tequila shot while doing an interview with Kelly Ripa, and she admitted that it’s a lot of fun.

At the Emmy’s 2016 too, Pee Cee was seen downing Tequila!

And voila! She did it again, at another red carpet.

By now, her stint is so famous that she’s not sparred on chat shows either. At the Ellen De Genres show, Pee Cee was asked to literally ‘give it a shot’ again, and she did.

In addition to this, let us not forget that Priyanka smoothly downed coffee shots during her chat with Karan Johar during the recently wrapped up season of ‘Koffee With Karan’. Also, we remember how Priyanka easily made ‘bhaang’ (alcoholic drink with sweetened milk as its base) when she came to Jimmy Fallon’s show around the time of Holi, to tell the people over there how we celebrate the festival in India.

This Desi Girl loves her drinks (Pic Courtesy:

The price of Priyanka Chopra’s floral dress is LESS than our monthly internet bill!

Salman Khan might get very angry on Priyanka Chopra for doing this to him!