Manushi Chhillar won the Miss World competition and brought glory to India 17 years after Priyanka Chopra was crowned with the same honour. What’s adding more power to this young beauty is her unbelievable transformation in the last one year. Turns out she was beyond the beauty queen she currently is, until last year.

The glamorous ‘it’ girl who has put India on the world map once again, is a medical student and has been visiting villages for treatment and immunity medicines for the underprivileged. That’s clearly a surefire sign of a responsible Miss India who rightfully won the Miss World crown.

She even aimed to be a cardiac surgeon and even studied for it. If they say, a Miss World got to be beauty with brains, seems like they really meant it, and the competition even hunts and crowns those with a perfect blend of both.

But then, destiny had something else planned for this pretty doctor. And she began to steal the hearts of millions rather than fixing them up under the roof of an operation theatre. Lol.

Ever since she won the Miss World, the internet is abuzz with her deglam avatar as a practicing doctor as well as her dedication that led to such an amazing transformation.

While almost every girl walking at any beauty pageant, talks about her Bollywood dreams, Miss Manushi Chhillar said that, “I feel winning the Miss World Crown can be a stepping stone to anything and not just Bollywood.” Are we proud or prouder of this girl?

Labcoat to lingerie — Manushi Chhillar even used to sweat it out in the gym, pumping iron, practicing Pilates, and following a strict diet regime, along with a skincare routine to look that gorgeous and reach where she is!

We hope this gorgeous girl finds success in all her endeavours in the coming future.