Arbaaz Khan Birthday Party

A lot happened at the 50th birthday celebrations of Arbaaz Khan. Not only did he have a host of Bollywood who’s who in attendance, there were many interesting things too that took place. Here’s a quick look at all the buzz at this recent Bollywood bash.

Arbaaz Khan on his 50th birthday bash in Mumbai
  1. So what if Malaika Arora and Arbaaz officially parted ways not so long ago. The two are (or at least seem to be) good friends and even celebrated the bash together. Movie Review Preview told you how Malaika surprised Arbaaz at midnight to ring in his birthday, and now, the next day, she was one of the first ones to step in the venue, and boy, she was happy and glowing.
Malaika Arora at Arbaaz Khan’s 50th birthday bash

Malaika Arora, with her presence, has put a U-turn to many myths that a couple can’t be cordial post divorce. Bravo, girl, you rocked.

Malaika Arora waving at the shutterbugs at Arbaaz’s birthday bash

2. Meanwhile Salman Khan, entered the venue with his army of bodyguards et al, and in his signature Dabangg kind of attitude. We like, we like. But why didn’t he look too happy or excited, we wonder? Was it jet lag or something else?

Salman Khan, as usual, entered the venue in his signature Dabangg style

3. Talking of Salman’s entry, his alleged love interest Iulia Vantur met Sonakshi Sinha at the doorstep of the venue, and the two exchanged pleasantries before walking in. And people say all the girl-friends of Salman don’t quite get along well with each other, huh!

Iulia Vantur and Sonakshi Sinha at Arbaaz Khan’s birthday bash

4. Karisma Kapoor surprisingly made an entry with her alleged beau Sandeep Toshniwal. So far, she’s officially walked in with him only at the private parties of the Kapoors. This is perhaps the first time she made an appearance with him at another bash.

Karisma Kapoor made an entry with her alleged beau Sandeep Toshniwal

5. Of all the people, we saw Bobby Deol make a happy entry at the bash. And (sorry for being so rude, but) we wondered why is he still invited to Bollywood parties? We mean, do people still remember him? Quite a ‘Gupt’ reason it might be for having him over, no?

Bobby Deol with his wife

6. Talking of weird guests and unexpected entries — is Pulkit Samrat still allowed an entry inside the Khan parties? With all his rumoured extra-marital affairs which were not so ‘fair and lovely’, and him divorcing his wife who is reportedly Salman’s rakhi sister, is Salman still okay to have him around?

Pulkit Samrat

7. Sohail Khan’s wife Seema Khan looked very, very different in her cleavage-revealing, cold-shoulder dress. Ain’t this the first time we’re seeing her in such an attire? All this while she used to dress up quite modestly, no? Interesting. After all, with Malaika as your sister-in-law hogging all the limelight for her curves and her clothes, it is wise to get some flashlights for yourself too, perhaps?

Seema Khan with Sohail Khan at Arbaaz Khan’s birthday bash

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8. We spotted a PYT (Pretty Young Thing) at the birthday bash and began to wonder who she is? With a toned bod, and chiselled features, this leggy lass was stealing our attention.

Alizeh Agnihotri

AH! And in no time, we realised who she was. Meet Alizeh Agnihotri, the daughter of Atul Agnihotri and Alvira Khan, and beloved niece of Salman Khan. Now, looking at her, we wonder if she’s going to have the same career as her maamu?

Alizeh Agnihotri


9. While Saif and Kareena were both absconding from the bash (Malaika and Kareena are good friends), we were not expecting their little champ Ibrahim Ali Khan Pataudi here, but he did. Just look at this boy from any angle, and he looks like a customized copy of his father. Doesn’t he?

Ibrahim Ali Khan Pataudi at Arbaaz Khan’s birthday bash

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