Tomorrow is a big day for both Hrithik Roshan the mathematician Anand Kumar on whom the story is based since Super 30 is going to be released. But before the movie hit the screen a sad revelation came out as we learned that Anand Kumar who dedicated his life on giving free lessons to the underprivileged kids and helped them to crack IIT entrance exam is apparently suffering from an acoustic neuroma.

The devastating news that appeared just before the film release had saddened all who are looking forward to the movie. The man who lived little for himself and more for others seems to be caught in a tangle which is quite unfair. The news came out in a recent interview with ANI. Anand Kumar who has given his whole life helping underprivileged people to crack IIT entrance exam had been in quite a hurry to get his biopic made as time is something which is uncertain in his life. He further said, “The film writer’s wanted that I permit for the film as quickly as possible. You have no idea of life and death, so I wanted this biopic to be made while I am alive.” After that, he added, “In 2014, my situation was such that I was unable to hear from my right ear. I underwent a lot of treatments in Patna and it was after some tests that I came to know that 80-90 percent of the hearing ability of my right ear has been destroyed.”

It is strange indeed that the man who went on giving his time for others does not have time for himself. Talking about his present condition, he went on saying, “Then I checked into Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, Delhi and the doctors performed rigorous investigation and did a number of tests. They then called me and told that I had no issues in my ear instead a tumour had been developed in the nerve which runs from ear to brain. And as soon I got to know this, as I lost consciousness.”

Surprisingly, Anand who is being through such a tough phase of life made sure that his biopic remains authenticated to his life. He mentioned, “I made sure that till the time I am alive, my journey should be narrated in a right manner. So for that I read the script 13 times so that nothing goes wrong.”

There was news that came earlier with that Anand Kumar has often found to be involved in a heated argument with Vikas Bahl. “I understand that you have to keep certain things to entertain the audience in a film, but you should always show certain incidents exactly like they happened to maintain the authenticity of the story. So we had certain heated discussions on the script but, in the end, we finalised the script after changing it 12 times.”

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