Kangana Ranaut

Actor Kangana Ranaut’s sister, Rangoli Chandel had filed an application where she stated that her sister, Kangana had been exploited and abused by the actor Aditya Pancholi which was a decade ago.  She filed the application of the case which happened a decade ago to the Versova Police Station.  But there had been news which claimed that even Pancholi too filed a counter application in that very police station for Ranaut’s lawyer had threatened for a rape case to him.

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana on Her Harassment by Pancholi

In several interviews of 2017, Kangana told that when she was new to the film industry Pancholi had been abusing her both physically and sexually She also added that Pancholi even confined her in a house from where she escaped and jumped off from a first floor window. Pancholi after getting the allegation filed for a defamation case. The senior officer from the police station says that “We have asked both of them to record their statements. We will conduct an inquiry before registering an FIR”

It has been learned from close sources that Rangoli while filing complains last month, had also added that Pancholi’s wife Zarina Wahab was too aware of the incident between Ranaut and Pancholi. When Siddiqui was asked for a comment, he revealed that the case is confidential and he cannot speak on it and Rangoli said the same.

The Sting Operation

Pancholi further reveals that Kangana’s lawyer Siddique threatens him with a rape case on January 6, 2019, and that is why he filed for a defamation case. There was a sting operation held where a video was leaked of Ranaut’s lawyer Siddiqui wanted Pancholi came to a settlement to face false rape charges by the actress. He recorded the statement with Versova Police station on May 12. The 18 minute long video shows the meeting he had with the Ranaut’s lawyer and he had already submitted it to the court and police as proof. Even PeepingMoon.com had gathered some clippings where the lawyer is seen discussing with Pancholi and his wife Zarina Wahib about the decade long “assault and exploitation”. The actor Pancholi did not leave any stones unturned. He even sent the video clippings of Rizwan Siddiqui to the forensic expert to be verified. He received a certificate under the Indian Evidence act that the video is original and not tampered with. Aditya even shared the copy of it with the Senior Police Inspector at Versova Police Station.

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