Being a part of Hollywood is every actor’s biggest dream. While some has already marked them successful in Hollywood, others are in the race of getting a space. ‘Batman’ director Christopher Nolan is working for his upcoming thriller movie named ‘Tenet’ and unexpectedly, Dimple Kapadia will play a role in the thriller. It has already been encountered Bollywood actresses of the contemporary era like Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone making Hollywood debuts. But, as Dimple Kapadia makes her way to Hollywood with Christopher Nolan’s ‘Tenet’, there started a great buzz on the social media platforms. Many Bollywood actors and actresses have congratulated both of them as this is a proud moment for all.

While having a conversation to the Mid Day, the manager of Dimple Kapadia has spilled the beans on how the actress managed to bag the role of such a huge project. The manager informed the tabloid that Christopher Nolan is pretty secretive about his scripts, roles and sometimes about the actors and actresses wherein he provides the media with handful of information. Thus, he does not give any scene from the script as a part of the audition. Christopher Nolan saw the footages of Dimple Kapadia and her work and really loved it making way for the actress to bag a Hollywood role.

Dimple Kapadia’s Manager also added, “Dimple has never auditioned before. So I had to sit her down and make her understand that the idea of casting people, basis their taped auditions, is to understand if they fit the part. But they are respectful when someone is reluctant and are willing to watch tapes of their previous work.”

Dimple Kapadia

One of the Hollywood reporters have stated, “Dimple Kapadia and Clemence Poesy, the French actress who may be best known to American audiences for playing Fleur Delacour in the Harry Potter movies, have also joined the production, whose title has been revealed as Tenet“.

The actress has revealed that this is not her debut in Hollywood as earlier in the year 2002, she had played a little role in the American Production “Leela”.

Christopher Nolan

‘Tenet’ also stars Aaron Taylor – Johnson, Robert Pattinson and Michael Caine in the lead roles. The Warner Bros Pictures is distributing the film on worldwide basis that is scheduled to hit the theatres on 17th of July, 2020. It has also been revealed that the movie is an action epic film and will be filmed across seven countries.