The Twitter brawl between Rangoli and Apurv Asrani has not died down yet (Pic Courtesy: Instagram/

Kangana Ranaut and the whole ‘nepotism’ debate refuses to die down. A few months ago, she accused Karan Johar of nepotism when she appeared on a ‘Koffee With Karan’ episode, and things have not been same ever since. Not only did KJo regretted having her on his chat show, he even told the media that he does not agree with her. Recently, Kangana’s remark was the butt of all jokes during one IIFA session wherein Varun Dhawan, Saif Ali Khan and KJo were spoofing ‘nepotism’.

Kangana Ranaut is the lead actress of the film Simran, of which Apurva Asrani is the story, screenplay and the dialogue writer (Pic Courtesy: pinterest)

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Little did she know that even if she will hit back at the trio for their jokes against her at IIFA, this remark of hers will be stretched further in many conversations. Here is another heated debate on the same topic of ‘nepotism’ between Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel and Apurva Asrani.

A few days ago, Apurva sarcastically tweeted, “I hired my brother as additional writer on my new film. Kangana hired her sister as manager and now promoted her brother. All guilty of nepotism?”

This did not go down well with Rangoli, who replied to his sarcastic tweet at Kangana a day later, saying that he does not know a thing about Kangana and her life.

She explained via as many as 5 tweets to Apurva Asrani that Kangana is not practising nepotism is any way. That Rangoli survived an acid attack, and lost her confidence, and how her sister Kangana not only got her treatment done, but also gave her a job.

Rangoli, via other multiple tweets also explained that right now she is preggers and is not continuing the work of Kangy’s manager, but she was doing it at one point of time, since Kangana felt it is important to take her along to the sets so she gets her confidence back and does not drown in the depression of the acid attack.

And now, a day after Rangoli has chosen to wrap it up with silence, an aggravated Apurva chose to pen this down on his page, which, we think is a sarcastic set of words thrown at Rangoli. Seems like, he wants to have the last word in this argument.

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Meanwhile, we are wondering whether it is really the whole nepotism debate and Apurva Asrani is after his 5 minutes of fame or is he just finding a reason to lash out at Kangana since the two were already in a dispute over the credit of his film?

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