Sunil Grover's latest song is quite a slap on Kapil Sharma's face (Pic Courtesy: Twitter/Instagram)

Sunil Grover is back, and again with a bang, an unexpected one at that. While the audience and fans were half expecting him to return to the small screen with a competitive comedy show, Gutthi was busy singing another ‘song’, literally. Sunil Grover, in order to create awareness against alcoholism, has featured in a video where he has sung a stupendously hilarious song, ‘Daaru Pee ke Girna Hai’.

After ‘Mere Husband Mujhko Pyaar Nahin Karte’ as Rinku Bhabhi, Sunil Grover’s new video is about the certain fate of ‘alcohol addicts’ (Pic Courtesy: YouTube)

Starring as ‘Billa Sharaabi’, Sunil Grover is seen as an old, village drunkard who’s so helplessly doused in alcohol that he can’t even stand on his own feet, forget walking decently. He’s seen falling all over the floor, getting beaten up by his wife, and abused by his mother as well as the neighbours.

Here’s the song. You might be in splits watching it….

While the bottomline of this video is ‘Every journey of a sharaabi ends up in a gutter’, bulk of the people who saw it, have an inkling that this is also an indirect (or quite direct) dig at Kapil Sharma. For the uninitiated, a highly inebriated Kapil Sharma had hurled a shoe at Sunil Grover during a flight from Australia to India, since he lost his cool under the influence of alcohol. Post this incident which finally led to the split of the original team of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, Kapil’s alcoholic habits came out in the open.

Even the lyrics of the song hint at what Sunil Grover indirectly wants to say to Kapil Sharma (Pic Courtesy: YouTube)

While Kapil did apologise to Sunil many times and asked him to return to the show, a deeply hurt Grover never went back to the sets of Kapil Sharma’s show and decided to never look back. But in many cryptic tweets and posts, he continued to hint at the fact that alcohol and shoe hurling is not a thing of a gentleman.

Recently, the comedian-turned-actor even admitted that he had begun to drink mindlessly. He was also said to have visited rehabilitation centre to cure his reported alcohol addiction and detox his body. All the more reason for Sunil to feature a drunkard in the song with phrases like, ‘When I drink I look very bad. Animals look better than me’, ‘Beizziti meri hogi’, ‘Daaru pee ke galan bakna hai’ (since Sharma abused him when he was apparently one bottle down).

Kapil Sharma has not reacted on this song so far.