Imran Khan and Avantika Malik are probably Bollywood’s cutest couple and the fans really upon them as the perfect couple. They were together for 8 years and finally, in January 2011 the duo decided to tie the knot. They being together was almost a fairy tale and their life got complete with their baby girl Imara.  They were in bliss once their home was complete. But the shocking news almost tore fans heart when they learned that Avantika and Imran Khan are going to separate after being together for so long. The couple was known to have a lot of differences and disagreements with which they could not live together under one roof. And thus, due to escalating tensions that happened for irreconcilable differences, the couple decides to take some time off their marriage.

According to an insider who revealed “Avantika allegedly left 24, Pali Hill, Imran’s residence, a while ago with Imara. It is being said that she is currently staying with her family.” What’s more shocking to us is how happy they were as a couple and how close they were together. Their social media pictures are filled with cute pictures of Imran and Imara doing so many activities together. There was many times Imran Khan told that Avantika is the best thing that had happened with them. He even told Hindustan Times on Imara’s first birthday about how difficult it was for the three of us in the first couple of months. He also mentioned that there were constant fear and panic if they were doing the right things with her. And then he said, “But you don’t realise when those feelings fade away, and when you start to accept things. I remember, when we first brought her home, I went crazy with sterilising things and using sanitisers.”

The family and friends of the couple seem to be trying their level best to make their situations better for them. Imran may be cute but he had always been quiet about his personal life and has not yet clarified the matter. On the work front, he was last seen in the film Katti Batti(2005) and presently he has become a filmmaker. Well, Imran and Avantika had set a lot of couple goals for the fans and their fans are not ready to see them break apart from each other. We hope their cute chemistry lightens up again and we hope and wish everything for them gets sorted out soon in their life.

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