Recently, Farah Khan is gearing up for her next multi-starrer movie ‘Satte Pe Satta’ which is a remake of the Amitabh Bachchan starrer 1982 movie ‘Satte Pe Satta’. In one of her interviews she has revealed that she will be collaborating with Rohit Shetty for the Bollywood Classic remake and that she would soon spill out the beans about the cast of the action comedy movie which is in the phase of writing.

In another interview Farah has opened up regarding the movie stating, “I remember five years ago on Kapil Sharma’s show when he asked me what film I would like to remake, I told him that if I had to remake a film, it would be Satte Pe Satta… We have the rights now. Every time I tell anyone that I am remaking Satte Pe Satta, there is a big grin on their face because it was such a happy, joyous film.” When asked about presence of Shah Rukh Khan in the lead roles in the film, she stated that she cannot tell at the moment if Shah Rukh will be acting in the movie but definitely she love to cast him but unfortunately, the script is not ready.

Farah also said, “We are keeping all the elements that we loved but it will also be for today’s generation. My kids haven’t seen Satte Pe Satta so it will be a new film for them. I am not feeling any pressure. In fact, I am already feeling very good about beginning work because there is a structure in place. The language has to be today’s, because it can’t be as sexist. When the original released, no one even thought it was sexist.” Furthermore she added, “With remakes, you can make the best film in the world and there will always be that one idiot who will get up and say that he liked the earlier one. Of course, I love the earlier one, too, and that’s why I am remaking it.”

Katrina and sharukh

Few days back, Katrina Kaif was also asked if the information is a rumour or it is actually happening or what he feels about Shah Rukh. She said without letting the cat out, “Personally, Shah Rukh is the same. His crazy passion for work, his drive and focus and love for his work and his desire to push you as an actor remains the same. And that’s fantastic. I know SRK much better now. I know him better as a person.”


Therefore, it is still a controversial topic and is believed to come out super soon.