Sara Ali Khan had to hide her face from the public as she stepped out from a salon recently (Pic Courtesy:

Saif Ali Khan’s daughter Sara Ali Khan has been in the news for everything she’s been doing in the last few months. Ever since she unbelievably shed loads of pounds and transformed into a svelte beauty ready to make her mark in an industry where her father, mother and step-mother all are popular, Movie Review Preview has been updating its readers about her every move.

(L) Sara Ali Khan seen stepping out of a Mumbai salon with her face completely covered with a blue dupatta and (R) Sara without the dupatta (Pic Courtesy:

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Albeit, right now, we have a piece of gossip about this rising starlet that we’d rather wish was not true. As per an entertainment portal‘s inside report, the reason why Sara Ali Khan was recently snapped hiding her face from the pararazzi was due to a minor ruckus at her salon that she visited along with her bestie (actress) Rhea Chakrabarty.

Sara Ali Khan getting seated in her car with her face covered with the dupatta (Pic Courtesy:

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It so happened that Sara and Rhea got their grooming session done at a salon and the minute they were about to get billing done, the cards of both the girls unfortunately declined. This did not go down well with the salon owners (obviously). Instead of explaining their situation and apologising, Sara and Rhea rather began to yell and even abuse at the salon’s staff and manager too.

Rhea and Sara both with their faces covered with the dupatta (Pic Courtesy:

It was only when the salon staff reminded the girls that there are children too at the same place and it is not decent at all to abuse in their presence, that both Sara and Rhea stopped. Nevertheless Sara stepped out of the place with her face fully covered with a dupatta that she had teamed along with her white kurta. Rhea too was seen hiding her face though with only her hands.

Rhea stepping out sans hiding her face (Pic Courtesy:

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We fail to understand that why did these girls not try to pacify the salon manager that their payments will definitely be made later. Who would stop two recognisable faces from doing that? Also, why did Sara not call her mother Amrita or dad Saif (she’s using his credit card, we assume, as per their mother’s alimony status) to mend the problem.

Rather, the goss piece says that the two kind of misused their star status to point their fingers at the staff! Bad manners, we say.


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