Veena Malik (picture courtesy: twitter)

Ex Bigg Boss contestant and Pakistani actress Veena Malik is known for doing the most ridiculous things ever. After becoming popular in the fourth season of Bigg Boss, this girl gathered even more attention by dating Ashmit Patel who was also inside the house with her. Veena after this, also got the opportunity to work in several other films and songs. And now the same girl has gone back to her homeland and is talking bad about the same country that gave her fame and a career. Scroll down to find out what she said,.

During a recent news report, Veena calls India an evil nation and also spews ugly words on Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well. If you look at the video, you’ll see her talking filth on India-Israel relations too.


Veena has always been the queen of controversy so it was expected on her part to say something like this. She has posed completely without clothes for a magazine before that stirred even more controversy. The actress was miles away from the media after marrying Asad Bhashir Khan but after coming back on screen, she’s back to being her dramatic self!