Katrina Kaif's magical push ups is the most intriguing thing on the internet today (Pic Courtesy: instagram/katrinakaif)

Katrina Kaif’s recent films might turn out to be (errr…ummm) ‘flop’, but these days, she’s quite a ‘hit’ on Instagram. She’s a perfect example of Der Aaye Durust Aaye, when it comes to joining the social media bandwagon, as she’s the last amongst all her colleagues to have joined Instagram and Facebook, but she’s rocking her page with amazing posts almost every other day. Needless to say, we’re hooked onto her.

Surfs up ….. @explorawatersports

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Recently, Katrina lost tremendous amount of weight and she’s been sharing her diet and exercise routine with her fans too. She went for surfing and slayed the adventure sport completely. And now, what she did was beyond hilarious. Kat posted a video of her performing push ups. She began with normal push ups, went on to single-hand push ups and to our amazement, then headed towards push ups that we couldn’t understand how the hell she’s doing them! But checkout the whole video and figure out yourself.

Warming up on set . @rezaparkview

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My birthday pancakes …. ( just got the pic ) . A very important moment . #iloveububbies

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Katrina’s become a fitness enthusiast and that reflects in her Insta posts as well. For instance, she’s been following a strict diet regime, and rewarded herself with some sugary pancakes only on a day as special as her birthday. We all know that when one is on a diet, carbs are ‘super precious’ and that moment is one to be cherished!

Back out again……. ?

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So what if she performed those push ups with a trick, we’re really head over heels after her for being so determined towards her workout that she’s exercising in between shots. Way to go. No wonder we call her ‘Ek Thi Tigress’.


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