Vivek Oberoi starring in the biopic film of PM Narendra Modi received a lukewarm opening with gaining just Rs 2.88 crore on its first-day release. The film slowly comes around with picking up Rs 5.12 crore on the third day. On the second day of its release, it managed to collect Rs 3.76 crore. The film had made a weekend collection of about Rs 11.76 crore in India. PM Narendra Modi had finally geared up at the box office.

The trade analyst and movie critic Taran Adarsh shared on Twitter that the film PM Narendra Modi had witnessed an upward trend on Saturday of about 30.56 percent.

PM Narendra Modi was not expected to be able to pick up earning at the box office after gaining poor responses from critics. The plot had many events from the life of PM Narendra Modi which were far from being close to the original facts. Many critics had to call the film to be a farcical hagiography. The film was even titled as to be a propaganda film for favouring Narendra Modi in the Lok Sabha Elections. The film garnered controversy right from the announcement of its release date. The film got postponed back to back 2 times for elections. The film was known to have been scheduled to release on May 12 but it was stalled by the Election Commission of India. The makers of the film after that rescheduled to April 5 but that brought many protests from the Opposition parties. This happened as they were in a mindset that if the film on Modi appears during the polling period, then it could sway voters. Finally, the movie was decided to set the release date on May 2. The film producer of PM Narendra Modi announced, “We come again fighting all the roadblocks & hurdles coming in our way! #PMNarendraModi now in cinemas from 24th May. “

Narendra Modi

The film helmed by national award-winning director Omung Kumar features Vivek Oberoi as PM Narendra Modi. The film talks about the life journey of PM Modi right from his childhood to becoming the Prime Minister of India. Apart from Vivek Oberoi, the film features Rajendra Gupta as Modi’s father and Manoj Joshi as Bharatiya Janata Party president Amit Shah.

However, the film receives only one star from film critic Ananya Bhattacharya who wrote, “PM Narendra Modi the film takes its viewer through the best bits of Modi’s life. It highlights the struggles of this man, who fought his way from selling tea in train compartments and sleeping in caves to 7, Lok Kalyan Marg. On the way, it caricatures the Opposition, Congress, Indira Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi… and robs Manmohan Singh of his voice altogether. So much so, that Anupam Kher as Singh in The Accidental Prime Minister from earlier this year feels worthy of an Oscar.”

Vivek Oberoi

Talking about Vivek Oberoi’s performance as PM Minister Narendra Modi, Ananya writes, “Vivek Oberoi fades in front of Modi the leader. Because when you play a man as in the public eye as Narendra Modi, you need to be bloody sure of your art. Vivek Oberoi does a half-hearted job of playing Modi. He grimaces, makes strange faces and tries expressing himself from behind that beard and moustache, but falls terribly short of playing our man at the Centre. Meanwhile, the number of grey and black hair in his eyebrows keeps fluctuating.”