The month of April was a massive highlight as it was successful enough to grab most of the audiences with the grand entry of Avengers: Endgame and Game of Thrones which had set milestones in terms of the rate of viewership and had a great box office record. The month June is now full of great expectations especially in the Indian market since there will be two Bollywood biggies, Shahid Kapoor’s Kabir Singh and Salman Khan’s Bharat is going to hit the screen. And with that, June is marked probably by all as we have the ICC Cricket World Cup and it is really needless to say that all will be glued in front of the televisions and mobile screens.

Well, we as audiences are super happy as our plates are full with loads of options to choose how we wish to entertain our days. But things might grow tough for the filmmakers as they might experience a roller coaster ride as there are high chances of the films to be affected at the box office by the cricket matches. Salman Khan’s Bharat will be releasing during India’s first match win the World Cup with South Korea. On the other hand, Shahid Kapoor’s Kabir Singh will be clashing with India’s match with Afghanistan. It is quite evident that the movies will witness a division among the audiences choosing either of the films for their entertainment preferences. But we can’t deny the fact that Salman Khan has a huge fanbase which might help to boost the business in the film. His stardom has the full potential of getting a larger crowd across the globe.

In order to understand the exact scenario around these releases and at the same time ICC Cricket World Cup going, we held a conversation with the Chief Marketing Officer- Head of Enterprise Sales, UFO Moviez.

How do you think the opening day of Bharat might be affected at the box office by the India Vs South Africa World Cup match?

Bharat has been the most awaited film this year and we all know that Salman has massive popularity in the audience. Bharat being a mass movie is expected to do great in multiplexes and single screens across all segments. And since this time ICC World Cup has a different format, audiences will surely be enjoying a lot more matches of the Indian cricket team.

Do you think Bollywood is all ready to over cricket with films like Bharat and Kabir Singh?

The audiences are mainly looking for an entertainment package which also has good content. The success of the film at the box office lies on the performance and the quality of the content that the film is produced. There were many instances before where it proved that cricket and movies can actually co-exist together like during IPL season. We have all witnessed many Bollywood, regional and Hollywood films that have done a massive job in box office collection.

What is preferred most by the audience between cricket and films?

Choosing between cricket and film can be very difficult because both in India stands in a religion-like status. UFO Moviez believes in the existence of both of the cricket and movie world will continue to co-exist.

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