On 24th of May 2019 three movies got to hit the screens – Arjun Kapoor starrer “India’s Most Wanted”, Vivek Oberoi starrer “PM Narendra Modi” and Will Smith starrer “Aladdin”. While Aladdin was doing great in the first week, India’s Most Wanted and PM Narendra Modi had tough competitions.

PM Narendra Modi

India’s Most Wanted has been directed by Raj Kumar Gupta and is going down day by day. The director has earlier surprised the audience with hit movies like Aamir, No One Killed Jessica and Raid. With India’s Most Wanted, the crowd bore huge hopes. Unfortunately, Arjun Kapoor starrer could not connect to the audience as the ticket sales is screaming loud about its condition at the box office. Having garnered mixed reviews from the critics and as well as the audience, the crime thriller had managed to earn ₹2.10 crores in the opening day, following which there was a rise on Saturday and Sunday with₹ 3.03 crores and ₹3.53 crores respectively. With passing days, the crime drama could mint ₹1.45 crores on Tuesday, ₹1.15 crores on Wednesday and ₹1 crore on Thursday accounting to one week’s total of ₹13.86 crores. The budget set for the film was estimated to ₹ 37 Crores (Production Cost: ₹27 Crore, Prints & Advertising Cost: ₹10 Crore).


Mary Kom and Sarabjit director Omung Kumar has directed the movie “PM Narendra Modi” that is based on the real life of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. On the opening day, “PM Narendra Modi” has earned ₹2.88 crores that has been followed by ₹3.76 crores on Saturday. It is followed by Rs 5.12 crores on Sunday, Rs 2.02 crores on Monday and 2.15 crores on Tuesday. This brings the total earnings at the end of the week to 20.07 crores that crosses the budget of ₹15 crores.


Guy Ritchie directorial “Aladdin” stars Will Smith as the Genie which is a new adaptation by Disney after Dumbo featuring a cute elephant and has been released in March. Guy Ritchie has previously gifted the audience with Snatch, Sherlock HolmesLock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. With Aladdin, the reviews have been mixed. The opening day saw ₹4.25 crores that have been followed by ₹6.20 crores on Saturday and ₹7.75 crores on Sunday. On Monday, it has earned ₹ 3 crores that is followed by ₹2.5 crores on Tuesday, ₹ 2.75 crores on Wednesday and ₹ 2.30 crores on Thursday that brings to the total of ₹ 30.05 crores.